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Consultation Process

Opportunities for Engagement (Fall 2012):

  • Community SRP Launch & Open Forum, Tuesday Sept.11th
    Discussing the goals, values and objectives that will help shape the continued development of research at York over the next five years and learn more about the rollout of the consultation process and upcoming workshops.
  • Consultation Workshops
    Workshops scheduled at various locations across campus from late September through October seeking to include representation from all stakeholder groups on campus.  Workshops will be seeking to examine York’s core values with respect to research, understand our perceptions and prioritize our commitments to the support of research.  Inherently an interdisciplinary exercise aiming to express who we are and what is important to us.  To view the meeting dates and RSVP for the consultation workshops, please click here.
  • Senate Presentation on SRP - September 27th
  • Fall Faculty Council Visits - September, October, November
  • Departmental and Research Committee Meetings 
    VPRI will be pleased to participate in departmental or other unit level meetings upon invitation
  • Graduate Student Council
  • Community Chats with VPRI
    Opportunity for research community to engage with VPRI and SRP consultation leads on an informal basis to discuss any aspect of the strategic research plan development.  To be scheduled at various locations on campus for bi-weekly until the holiday break in December. To view the meeting dates and RSVP for the Community Chats with VPRI, please click here.
  • Community Open Forum - November 2012
    Discussing what we are hearing from the ongoing consultations
  • Online Engagement
    Regular updates on SRP planning and consultation activities.  Online survey aligned with workshops accessible to all research community members.  Online feedback is welcomed and accessible by clicking here.

Other Venues:  Series of scheduled consultations with a variety of Administrative and Scholarship groups.

  • Academic Policy, Planning and Research Committee (APPRC) Meeting
  • Deans/ University Executive Committee
  • Associate Deans Research Council Meetings
  • Graduate Program Directors
  • Council of Research Directors Meetings