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Senate Approves York's New Strategic Research Plan

Photo of the Vice-President Research and Innovation, Robert Haché

After eight months of consultation with the University community, as well as internal and external research partners, I am pleased to report that the University Senate has unanimously approved York’s new strategic research plan.

York’s new strategic research plan commits to building research on our strengths and provides a strong aspirational vision for the development and recognition of York’s research over the next five years.  York researchers are seeking to better understand the human condition and the world around us, and to employ the knowledge we gain to ensure social justice and the public good in Canada and the world.

Through this plan, we are implementing the objectives set out for research in both the University Academic Plan and the Provost’s 2010 White Paper, which identify research intensification as a key University goal and recognize research as a core endeavor that broadly enriches the Institution. This plan is meant to be a living document, responsive to our successes, as well as being sensitive to a rapidly evolving landscape.

I would like to thank the members of the Strategic Research Plan Advisory Committee and Senate Academic Priorities, Planning and Research Committee for their efforts in advising the VPRI throughout the development of the plan.  I would also like to thank the entire York community for your positive response to consultation process, and earnest engagement that made such important contributions to the development of the plan.

As a leading research university, we are investing in the growth and development of our research as a foundational part of our efforts to grow of our academic reputation.  Through a strategic combination of broadly based and focused investments over the course of the next five years, York will continue its impressive development as a leading Canadian research University whose scholarship enhances our culture and improves our society.

View York's Strategic Research Plan.

Robert Haché,
Vice-President Research & Innovation